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The Course Syllabus
Enviromental and social sustainability training syllabus

Is this for you?

You are hearing all the words about ESG, SDGs, taxonomy (environmental and social), human rights due diligence, supply chain/value chain due diligence, stakeholder engagement. You have been working on the financial side of things (as an investor or in a company) since forever, and you just want to understand why you even need to bother.

You want to make your investments/your business sustainable, but you feel that having the heart in the right place may not be enough when regulators come knocking at your door asking how you implemented e.g. your non-discrimination policy down your value chain.

In the face of geo-political risks, capital market shifts, the rise in shareholder activism, and an increasingly informed, values-based consumer market, you realise that having a more knowledgeable approach to ESG and Sustainability issues is not just something on your ‘to do’ list.

You believe that addressing evolving investor preferences and positioning your ESG risk to stand out amongst peers will provide the opportunity to better service existing stakeholders in aligning values, ensuring the capabilities not only to attract new investors but the resilience to withstand future global shocks.

Read on as this is for you!

What will I get?

Pragmatic Sessions delivered by people with 20+ years of experience in the sustainability sector

A robust knowledge base on social sustainability and governance issues

One-on-one Sessions geared to deal specifically with your challenges

Tools that will allow you to show your effective sustainability approach right away

Key benefits


You will be able to discuss social sustainability and good governance with your portfolio companies, your investors, your consumers, regulators and other stakeholders with a norm-based approach, showing real action which will give you a competitive advantage.


You will be at the forefront of obligatory requirements on e.g social taxonomy and human rights due diligence.


You will be results- and not buzzword- based in your reporting. You will be able to show reasoning behind e.g continued investment in profitable companies that are otherwise placed on an exclusion list simply due to the lack of investors’ ability to create positive engagement.


  • 6 months free basic membership to the ESG Alliance, 50% discount on Silver and Gold membership.
  • 15% discount to yearly subscription to Sustainable Investing (weekly blog, monthly analysis and quarterly in-depth issue).
  • 50% discount during 3 months for COGNEUM ESG.
  • 20% off BST Impact Bootcamps for Cogneum ESG costumers
  • BST Impact sàrl bespoke consulting services at 20% discount for 6 months.
  • BST Impact sàrl bespoke consultancy services on a retainer at a discounted price for 6 months (4000 USD per month).
  • Guidance documents to build your own strategies on:
    • - Social KPIs
    • - Non-Discrimination (including specific questions for Due Diligence)
    • - Non-Exploitation (including specific questions for Due Diligence)
    • - Fair recruitment
    • - Multi-stakeholder engagement processes
    • - Child Labour
    • - Linking Environment and Social factors
  • Papers related to recent court cases on sustainable behaviour from the business sector
  • Examples of best practices

Why should you resiger?

Social sustainability has fallen under the radar of too many businesses. Our bootcamp training is the perfect opportunity to leverage our norms-based approach and expert guidance for your business to make waves with positive impact.
Sustainable business boosts brand awareness and ultimately, profits. This Bootcamp will maximise the potential for you to build new revenue streams. It will help you enhance brand trust and build your reputation.
Attracting customers and retaining employees are key to business growth. With 40 years of experience in ESG alone, our team of experts combine in this Bootcamp their knowledge in human rights, ethical investment, results-based reporting, policymaking, and advocacy to build sustainable strategies.
Keep your risks in check. Our Bootcamp Training supports businesses through due diligence to identify and address their adverse impacts. It will help you transform your risk management, reduce uncertainty that lies ahead, and improve your business culture.
Tackle your ESG challenges as a SME and advantage your market position. This Bootcamp will guide you through the changes you need to make to help you see your rating progress and attract more investors.
We can no longer ignore the growing body of evidence that sustainability initiatives can help to create profits and business opportunities. In the process of tackling global challenges, organisations have transformed through innovation. Moving forward, governance and ESG considerations will move from compliance to being embedded in business strategy, for achieving long-term and sustainable value creation. And, if it’s important to your clients – then it’s important to you. Our boot camps and learning platform is the ideal opportunity to help stay ahead and demonstrate your value to clients.

Kristina Touzenis, BST Impact Managing Partner, is running our Bootcamp Programme.

Kristina has 20+ years of demonstrated experience creating, designing and carrying out training and capacity building programmes for 5000+ people from governments, academia, NGOs and the media. She is an internationally recognized advocate and leader on sustainability, known especially for her ability to communicate international law in concrete, applicable terms, including in relation to the SDGs.

Find out more about Kristina, or get in touch with her here!


During our Bootcamp Training, our expert team will delve deep into your strategy and policies to ensure your direction is shaping a better tomorrow.

We start out by a little initial assessment which will allow all of you to understand where you are in your sustainability journey, as well as your knowledge and existing governance structure. We will rate you but fear not! We are not a rating agency, and we do it only to be able to guide you better during the Bootcamp.

In the first session we will cover why familiarity and support by experts in international public law (including human rights) will make you ready to meet any legislative requirements on e.g. supply chain due diligence. The next generation of asset owners and consumers want to see how you treat people in the communities – and these people are an ever-increasing mass of voters. Regulators will want to please them. And so do you. Any requirement on social sustainability will be based on existing international law, including ILO (International Labour Organization) labour law standards.

International law and the SDGs were created with a view of being IMPLEMENTED. Our team at BST Impact 40+ years of experience in this – including developing global strategies on e.g. non-exploitation, linking the SDGs targets and indicators and reporting on non-quantitative results including stakeholder engagement and advocacy. We will give you the elements of a general sustainability strategy as well as provide you with a specific focus on issues such as non-discrimination; fair recruitment; multi-stakeholder engagement & human rights due diligence. You will be asked to break out in groups and, with our assistance, develop the basic structure of a social sustainability strategy. We will then discuss in plenary what you focused on and why. Finally, we will delve into the “HOW”.

The best and glossiest strategy will not avoid fines, loss of license or loss of business if you do not know what to do with it! We will give you examples of:

  • • What an internal complaint mechanism looks like;
  • • What happens if you or your portfolio company operate in areas where there is a prohibition on workers to form unions, and how do you ensure non-exploitation in these contexts;
  • • What a multi-stakeholder engagement looks like and how you can set one up;
  • • What are the principles of good-governance and how can ensure it;

In break out rooms, we will develop a mock stakeholder engagement process, and discuss why you included the people you did, what it should look like, and how to maximise its utility and profitability.

Developing indicators is closely linked to your strategic objectives, to your reporting, as well as to your due diligence. Without a strategy you cannot set the objectives on which you report, and without due diligence you will not know what questions to ask (and how they should be answered) in order to measure and address your indicators. Impact can be positive or negative, intended or unintended, as well as primary or secondary. Setting KPIs that are considered internal to any activity (not external) can help detect if such activities are reinforcing existing discrimination and power structures that are contrary to the realization of the SDGs, international rights and social sustainability.

Meaningful indictors must be based on engagement and inform your reporting and development of strategies – and vice versa. At our Bootcamp, we will highlight existing indicators developed by sustainability actors, and link your KPIs to effective strategies, reporting and engagement.

In groups, we will set targets for social sustainability, think about how to start out with basic yes/no indicators and develop short-, medium- and long-term goals. We will finally outline how to pragmatically measure your progress.

Advocacy with portfolio companies, engagement with regulators on meaningful reporting and requirements, as well as with NGOs and the media, is necessary to further sustainability. Being results-driven is going to show in your reporting, but it is also important that your reporting effectively reflects what you have accomplished. This is a cyclic exercise: set a strategy, develop meaningful KPIs, report, and on that basis adjust the previous two phases.

Meaningful strategies and KPIs take into consideration the complexities of certain sectors and geographical areas, as well as the differences in living standards – and this must be reflected in a concrete and comprehensive way in your reporting. As an exercise, we will do a gap analysis of a real (anonymous) report and discuss what elements should have been considered at the stages of conceptualizing the strategy, as well as in the development of indicators phase.

To conclude, we will have a roundtable discussion where everyone will have the opportunity to give any last inputs.


ESG is the way that the investor community has decided to talk about “sustainable investing” and basically translating the SDGs implementation into investments – considering that the term was coined by people who consider ESG “external” it is important to be mindful of rapid change! ESG is at times used as a label which has utterly lost contact with what the acronym stands for: Environment, Social and Governance. These three components are what we aim at not impacting negatively (do no harm) as well as impacting positively with sustainable business and investment.

You need to be aware of the power of international law – in the sense that states have obligations to protect people and societies and they are rapidly looking at business and investment sectors as specific sectors that require targeted regulation due to their power, cross borders, on both people and planet. You should not feel the need-to-know international law in detail, nor think that you can handle upcoming issues around ESG issues simply by knowing the buzzwords but not having decades of experience in actual implementation. You need to know it exists – and know who knows!

We will make the registration of the presentation available to you and give you 30min one on one to make up for the absence.

Pricing starts at 995 USD, but student discounts, flexible terms and packages are available upon request and can be discussed to meet the specific requirements of each participant, including individuals and small firms.

Yes, absolutely. To be eligible you will have a full refund with an advance notice of 7 working days to, this must be prior to the second session going live. You can expect a full refund minus any fees retained by our payment service, and if there is anything we can do to resolve issues before you request a refund, we will be happy to assist. For any specific unforeseen reason which would impede you from completing the course we will do everything to resolve issues to allow you to participate in a following course.

The ESG Alliance is an exclusive online community that you will have free access to for six months, as a bonus feature of our Bootcamp Training. It is a safe space where you will be able to meet and discuss challenges and solutions to your ESG issues with senior sustainability experts, as well as get bespoke support from true specialists.

In the conventional investment world, everyone understands fiduciary duty, an obligation of money managers to act in the best interests of their clients—typically centred on financial performance. But without the integration of substantial and substantive professional support from the many areas of “sustainability” which is needed to understand the sustainability dimension of choices made regarding where, when and how much to invest, there will likely only be an ever-increasing amount of money invested in “ESG” products – which have little or no impact or effort to reach the SDGs. There is increased demand for public accountability fuelled by the rise of instant global communication. It is important for an Asset Owner and Asset Managers to have an appropriate organisational structure and culture in place, as this enables it to take into account the full spectrum of ESG issues in its business analysis.

With Asset Managers who are increasingly being asked to report substantively on their ESG efforts – not only on policies and on goals and ratings of portfolio companies, but on due diligence as well as on engagement and governance as well as with representatives from companies who are under increased regulatory as well as consumer pressure to show and prove sustainability you will be part of an Alliance that will come together to discuss best practices, challenges and ways forward.

Four times per year we will convene and have frank discussions around how to become ESG compliant, and prove that we are advancing on sustainability issues. The meetings will be in accordance with Chatham House Rules. For each conference the ESG Alliance will invite expert speakers to set the scene and assist in proposing concrete solutions to your challenges. There will be no investment advice given, nor any standard setting. The experts will, based on experience and area of specialization, assist in guiding the discussion as well as give non-binding but valuable advice which members can use or not to their own discretion. The value is to have a network which is truly focused on ESG/Sustainability with the support of experts in a variety of specific ESG thematics. Members of this category can join all open meetings and will receive invitation for all open network events and open seminars.

For Silver Members there will be an additional 4 workshops per year, offered by either Members of the Sustainability Expert Group and Board of the ESG Alliance around specific issues which will be determined in coordination with Members of the Alliance. Members of this category can host open meetings and will receive invitations for all open network events and open seminars.

For Gold Members there will be the possibility to book specific one on one consultations at 50 percent hourly rate four times per year for 4 hours with the Sustainability Expert Group supporting the Alliance. There is also the possibility to sign up for retainer services a 10 percent discount. Gold Members can host closed meetings and will receive invitation for all open networking events and open seminars. It is possible to upgrade a membership at any time and to downgrade for the following year.

It will be possible for the ESG Alliance Board as well as for Gold Members to create closed meetings and use the platform to invite a targeted audience as well as create meetings with a limited capacity for specific discussions.

BST Impact partner Sustainable Investing LLP is made up of an excellent team with long-standing expertise offering thematic research, company analysis and bespoke services to asset owners and managers. They help their clients face the challenges of aligning portfolios & values while striving for a competitive return. Their perspective is flavoured by more than 75 years of experience in civil engineering, consulting, portfolio management, thematic equity research, trading and investment banking.

As a bonus feature of our Bootcamp Training, you will have a 15% discount on the yearly subscription to a package of specialized publications (weekly blogs, monthly analysis and quarterly in-depth issues), to which BST Impact will be contributing, thus offering a combination of different but complimentary expertise.

Cogneum ESG is a software company with a focus on sustainability and green tech. Their flagship product, Sustainability Suite, is a workflow and automation platform for Sustainability Management, Governance and Compliance. It links together Performance Improvement, Risk Management, Stakeholder Engagement and Communications/Reporting and helps businesses overcome the challenges of Sustainability Management and get better results.

At Cogneum ESG, they solve the problems of inefficient and non-compliant sustainability management and the associated revenue and reputational damage by automating tasks and streamlining business processes with an easy-to-use and easy-to-configure cloud solution.

What they say about us

“World Tree has been delighted by the support it has received from BST- Impact in developing its ESG booklet. An essential document for our company showing our engagement that our operations positively impact the local natural habitat and are based on international human rights and labour standards”.

Thierry Bodson, World Tree Climate, Carbon, and Social Impact Programs Manager

Kristina is one of the best experts in human rights I ever met. And it was really a pleasure that she designed a webinar on the S in ESG for us. I'm looking forward to further close cooperation”.

Founder and Managing Partner Financial Training Institution, Germany

"Working with Kristina Touzenis and the BST Impact team provided asset owners and asset managers new perspectives on sustainability challenges and solutions. What we find most valuable is the ability of BST Impact to integrate new regulatory and disclosure requirements into the business process and not treat them as isolated issues. Our clients benefited from proactive engagement with BST Impact to stay ahead and not fall back in a reactive mode”.

CEO of Asset Management Platform, Austria

"I met Kristina during the Pandemic and have enjoyed getting to know her and her team at BST. They are first class all the way! Their level of knowledge in the ESG and UN SDG space is unparalleled and Kristina provides substance and thought leadership both on a macro level and for particular issues that relate to a specific SDG or ESG issue. I can always count on her for guidance and instruction helping me think through the steps needed to advise a client or investor on proper implementation of impact/sustainable measures. Future4Impact is proud to have Kristina and her team as our trusted strategic partner."

Stefan Pagacik, CEO and Co-Founder, Future4Impact

"Kristina has always stood out as a thought leader, and principled leader raising the bar on the values that guide policy and workplace development. She's lazer focused on the pragmatically improving lives and ensuring sustainability broadly, and has always put people first - well before it became a necessity to think and act in these terms."

Colleen Thouez, Director at Open Society Foundations