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Having a strategy, a policy and robust indicators are only a part of what is needed to show that your sustainability commitment is genuine. With our long-standing experience in advising central and local government on how to develop better governance based in international norms, we can assist you in developing and/or improving internal governance processes on human rights and labour standards, both in the company itself as well as in supply chains, in line with Sustainable Development Goals’ targets, national or regional legislations, official guidance tools and internationally recognized standards (e.g. EU Directives, UN Global Compact’s principles-based approach, OECD Guidelines, UN Guiding principles on Business and Human Rights).

Depending on your specific needs, we can assist you with the establishment of an internal mechanism that allows you to evaluate when to contemplate divestment, and which enhances and monitors your engagement with communities and employees. Importantly, we will ensure that your governance is linked to your strategies. We work closely with Risk Management companies who can offer due diligence missions in situ around the world, and who can provide independent reports on working conditions. 

We further work closely with advisors on Independent Boards and ourselves serve on Advisory Boards.  We advise on how to establish mechanisms for Boards to incorporate sustainability into corporate objective and ensure that management makes decisions that are consistent with such objectives, as well as carry out monitoring of activities accordingly. Concretely, this could take the form of a board-level sustainability sub-committee which oversees and periodically reviews the performance. We can also advise on the alignment of managerial incentives with the goals of the company (as approved by the Board) by linking executive compensation to key ESG performance.