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We support clients when engaging with their material internal and external stakeholders in negotiations and communication around sustainability issues with a credible and strong norms-based language.

We believe that your engagement should be a rolling process, and that its targets and goals should be agreed with your key stakeholders in consistency with your sustainability purpose. Our long experience in furthering long-term sustainable policies and legislation has made us acutely aware that perfection should never become the enemy of better. And that regulation must aim at empowering choices from the business community to engage and transform itself by embedding sustainability into its responsible business model, thereby reclaiming its role as part of the solution to the most pressing environmental and social challenges of today instead of being perceived as one of its main causes. Regulation should acknowledge the challenges that this profound transformation requires for enterprises, and not only set forth unpractical limitations to a business activity which could end up harming the very populations it aims to protect. Our understanding of this delicate balance makes us uniquely positioned to potentially engage in debates with regulators, in order to grasp and anticipate policy changes that will affect corporations and investors. We are actively involved with expert groups in standard setting entities – and while we never lobby for specific interests, we always strive to further true engagement with purposeful outcomes based on international standards. 

We further support investors in developing policies on how to engage with potential investees when it comes to doing better on ESG – including through the strong connection of internal governance mechanisms supporting investment or divestment decisions with the genuine commitment of investees to the investor’s sustainability goals. In order to align values and ensure as much as possible that your investee is in line with your investment criteria, we offer to engage directly with potential or current investees to assist them through their sustainability journey and reporting efforts in order to maximize their opportunity to keep or obtain your financing. 

This allows for a much larger portfolio as investment decisions no longer need to be based on a “static” ESG rating but can be made on the basis of the investees’ true engagement on sustainability issues, on their willingness to implement new policies and on their commitment to set up new parameters and goals. These will have to be pragmatic, based in international norms and take into consideration the industry sector as well as local circumstances in the geographical area of the investee and its operations.