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BST impact sàrl has partnered with PluggIn to offer its clients the opportunity to join the world’s first Social Impact Register. Within the SESA Ecosystem, bringing together experts and resources to support social impact, the PluggIn Register connects companies geographically into strategic social impact within key markets.

As a member of the Social Impact Register you will have the opportunity to sponsor activities which have a concrete, measurable impact on a specific local community, and you will be able to integrate the implementation of these SDGs-related initiatives into your marketing operations to enhance your existing sales. You can offer your sponsorship to these activities across one or more geographical areas, or help empower targeted community groups to lead social emotional development. All these initiatives are aimed at achieving a concrete positive impact on the community members’ personal and professional development, which is translated into tangible insights and metrics.

Being a member of the Social Impact Register means improving your brand visibility, enhance your stakeholder engagement and capability building in specific geographical areas. It means creating new revenues through purpose-driven marketing strategies and having access to strategic guidance on the basis of qualitative and quantitative Social Impact Research results, which will help you define concrete outcomes and provide specific indicators determining the intensity and longevity of your socio-economic impact. 

We believe that youth resilience and self-awareness as well as young workers' mental health should be an essential part of every genuine sustainability effort that wants to have a meaningful, long-term oriented social impact on any local community. The values that we share with the SESA Community, which our Managing Partner Kristina Touzenis supports as member of the Strategic Steering Board, are at the foundation of our partnership with PluggIn. We are proud to be supporting the SESA Ecosystem and PluggIn in raising awareness on the importance of psychological health and wellbeing and in helping promote enhanced engagement of private and public stakeholders to take action, and have a real, long-lasting social impact.

You can find out more about the Social Impact Register and how you can plug your company into its network by clicking on the external link below!