We tailor our efforts to suit diverse needs and resources, ensuring corporate benefits while mitigating ESG risks and improving working conditions. Our services foster collaboration and knowledge sharing through interdisciplinary, participatory and action-oriented approaches, enhancing the positive societal impacts of projects and economic activities and addressing social imbalances and power dynamics.

We provide long-term support to enable clients to navigate increasing scrutiny and regulations, mitigate reputational risks, promote rights, advance sustainable practices and measure environmental and social impact.

Through robust research and original insight, we support the development or improvement of CSR strategies and policies that link environmental, social and governance aspects to the priorities, context and needs of our clients.

We design matrixes and indicators for labour practices and ESG reporting, guiding how to measure the impacts of a business across global value chains and enhance sustainability performance.

Through personalized guidance and implementation support, we help organizations align with CRS, ESG standards and ISO norms, ensuring robust internal governance frameworks that integrate ethical, social, and environmental considerations into decision-making processes and activities, to foster transparency, accountability, and long-term success.

We facilitate internal and external negotiations and communications with relevant stakeholders to ensure their perspectives are considered and assessed in the double materiality process, leading to more informed decisions and positive outcomes for all parties involved.

We assist with crafting credible, results-driven narratives and reports able to capture progress and address existing challenges transparently, highlighting a genuine commitment to sustainable development and social value.

We offer tailor-made training and capacity development solutions, including manuals and tools, and we deliver programmes through interactive methodologies and audio-visual materials to support virtual and in-person learning experiences in collaboration with our trusted Associate Experts, partner firms and educational institutions.

We create customized materials rebranded with your logo and offer long-term support to your internal teams as trusted sustainability officers. With our adaptability, technical expertise, language proficiency, and local knowledge, you can subcontract the design and management of social performance programs to us. This enables you to leverage our extensive understanding of social impact and corporate goals, adding significant value to your sustainability initiatives.

We accompany family offices, philanthropists and their advisors to build trust, accountability and credibility in aligning impact strategies with a values-based approach.

Our team is composed of professional auditors who can perform first and second-party audits. This also enables us to deliver high-quality ESG consultancies in line with various international standards

As a hub for knowledge experts, we conduct cutting-edge research and actionable advice to both public and private sector organizations. We offer tailored research design solutions utilizing both quantitative and qualitative approaches and provide data collection, analysis and reporting. Through monitoring and evaluation processes integrated with the dimensions of gender and diversity, we demonstrate the effectiveness of socio-economic programs, ensuring alignment with intended development outcomes.