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  • Dealing with the world as it is today, taking the right steps towards the world we want to live in tomorrow.

    Real change takes time. But a genuine long-term commitment to sustainability will place those willing and able to take action at an advantage in harnessing the potential of their sustainability-based value creating mechanisms, therefore creating financial value while achieving positive ESG impacts.

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About us

Based on our vast experience in policymaking, legislative development, advocacy, and implementation of concrete projects and programmes worldwide, we offer a unique set of services for any company and investment firm who wants to be at the forefront of increased awareness, amongst regulators as well as consumers, of the effects generated by their sustainability strategies, operations, services, or products.

ESG, SDGs, international norms, reporting mechanisms (among others) are all part of a set of tools and ways of considering, conceptualizing and measuring sustainability efforts. It is important to never think of them as isolated silos. We consider the link between the E and the S and G with a cross-cutting approach based on the spirit of the SDGs, and always based in international and regional standards, thus ensuring that you will always be a step ahead in monitoring, measuring, and reporting as well as in your stakeholder engagement. This allows you to fully capture your effects and efforts on sustainability, and report on your ESG performance accordingly.

We will follow you over the coming years of increased focus on sustainability issues, offering long-term support in your sustainability journey and providing you with effective guidance on how to progressively integrate or leverage Environment, Social and Governance factors and criteria into your business investment processes, business strategies and marketing/communications approaches.

The norms-based discourse allows us to have a strong basis for change, risk management as well as communication around complex issues, providing the tools for a meaningful engagement on ESG issues to companies operating in complex industries and challenging geographical contexts. We believe that international norms are a concrete, harmonized guidance on how to establish and prioritize medium and long-term goals in your sustainability strategy, as well as on how to communicate in a transparent manner about the trade-offs at the basis of your strategy. Besides creating trust and accountability in your corporate actions, this approach will allow you to have an enormous positive effect on both the environment and the communities affected by your business activity.

Why BST impact?


60+ years of combined experience on human rights, sustainable investment, results-based reporting, policymaking, and advocacy.

Continued support

Long-term support and guidance on how to integrate ESG factors and criteria into your business strategies.

Norms-based approach

A broader view of what sustainability, ESG and “impact” are, based on international norms and the spirit of the SDGs.

Expert network

Diverse professionals with extensive experience across all sustainability’s spectrums ready to add other dimensions to your sustainability journey.

BST impact sàrl is a signatory of the
United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI)

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Our People

What we offer

Create coherent action plans for sustainability advancement, specifically – but not exclusively – on social sustainability.
A holistic approach to measuring impact, recognizing the interconnection between the E and S effects, ensuring effective and accurate reporting.
Develop/improve internal governance processes and internal mechanisms on human rights and labour standards, both in the company and in supply chains, in line with internationally recognized standards.
Support clients in engaging with material internal and external stakeholder in negotiations and communication around sustainability issues. We further support investors in developing policies on how to engage with potential investees when it comes to doing better on ESG.
Assist businesses in reporting, and with their strategic communication on their sustainability journey, on the impact of their responsible business practices and sustainability programmes.
Seminars and trainings on international norms, impact assessment and development of pragmatic indicators with customized content and language.

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