04 August 2021

Managing ESG Challenges

Master Class on Effective Strategy and Implementation
BST-Impact and Cogneum ESG present a new half-day webinar discussing ESG strategy implementation.

About this event

This course is for anyone in an organisation who is responsible for, is involved in or wants to learn more about ESG strategy and implementation at a practical level.

Not being sustainable, and not being able to show that you are sustainable is an increasing risk, both legal as well as financial. But very few investors are ready to address these issues because they find the subject fragmented and complex.

If you want to avoid the risk of fines, of losing licenses and investors then it is necessary to have pragmatic, practical and IMPLEMENTABLE sustainability strategies – including on, for example, human rights and due diligence, and to show to both regulators, media, asset owners (or managers) how you ensure good governance and both environmental and social sustainability.

What do you need to ask your suppliers, customers, staff or your portfolio company to understand whether or not you are ready to report on having done no harm to society? What do you need to ask internally or of your asset manager to understand what positive – or negative – effects they had on society when they invested in green energy? How do you start measuring social issues? What does a social KPI look like? Do you need a multistakeholder engagement process? How do you set one up?

This webinar will address:

  1. Sustainability Strategy: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  2. Implementation: from Strategy to Execution
  3. Frameworks and Metrics: Actions not Words
  4. Communications: Each Stakeholder is Different so Narrowcast, Don’t Broadcast
  5. Progress not Perfection: Rome was not Built in a Day

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