The business case for Social Value

In this insightful piece, our Team Member Jon Kinnell tells us about  what is social value and countries  regulatory requirements for it.   “What Gets Measured Gets Done - The rise of social value and it’s importance with..

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Upgrading the business agenda

  BST's ResourceHub presents a piece from our Team Member Jon Kinnell who tells us about the economic impacts of achieving even just one of the UN Global Goals, like Gender Equity (SDG8).   Achieving just the one UN Global Goals of Gende..

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A Roadmap to Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is a strategic two-way process and communication channel where organizations communicate with their stakeholders to reduce risks and improve positive project outcomes. By including a stakeholders’ engagement plan an ..

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5 Tips to Being A Genuine Ally

    In this new article, ResourceHub features our Associate Expert on Gender Equality, Governance & Culture Leanne Mair’s tips on how to go beyond performative allyship and build trustworthy and genuine relations with minori..

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'Vertical Farms' as a post-Covid solution to increase production while saving resources and protecting the environment

ResourceHUB is sharing the challenge launched by our partner E4G, who gives us an insight into how waste and pollution in Italy can be reduced, giving new power to agriculture and sustainability.   'Vertical Farms' as a post-Covid solutio..

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How do you accelerate the implementation of the environmental dimension of the SDGs?

  ResourceHUB is glad to present our founding partner’s blog post on “How do you accelerate the implementation of the environmental dimension of the SDGs?”. In the article, Giulia Biselli tells us about the importance of takin..

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World Water Day 2022 – an opportunity to reflect on the most precious commodity

  We are pleased to present an insightful piece by Associate Expert Andrew White who highlights the importance of water as a commodity that is essential but also limited, and sometimes overlooked compared to other kinds of commodities like oil,..

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5 Surprising Climate Change Impacts

  BST Impact’s ResourceHUB starts this 2022 with a publication from our partners at ESI Monitor, who remind us that climate change can affect our lives in surprising ways beyond temperature rise.    5 Surprising Climate Change..

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European Union compatibility in cross-border philanthropy

ResourceHUB is proud to share our team member’s piece on “European Union compatibility in cross-border philanthropy”, where Jon Kinnell explores the advantages and also the obstacles to cross-border philanthropy and social investmen..

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Roadmap Navigating Climate Risk Management

  BST Impact's ResourceHUB is happy to present Hong Kong-based partner GreenCo’s “Roadmap Navigating Climate Risk Management”, an HKEX issues guidance on TCFD-aligned Climate Disclosure.      About Green..

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The Conservation Conundrum

BST Impact’s ResourceHUB starts off with "The Conservation Conundrum" by our Associate Expert Tom Zamzow.     [...] A very insistent (and wise) friend of mine has been insisting that I were to include a TL;DR at the beginn..

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“Modern Slavery” & Business: An Overview

  The expression “modern slavery” is by now a widely used term, in advocacy, policy as well as national legislation. At the international level, a definition for “slavery” exists in the Convention Against Slavery, and &l..

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Enhancing Social Equity in the Green Economy

The social dimensions of the green economy have been often overshadowed by the pressuring environmental urgency, nonetheless, the two aspects, the social (S) and the environmental (E), cannot be seen as separate issues as they are profoundly integrat..

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How can companies in the oil and gas industry efficiently address their ESG challenges? The case of Shell

  On 26th May 2021, The Hague District Court has ordered Royal Dutch Shell to reduce the CO2 emissions of the Shell group by net 45% in 2030, compared to 2019 levels, through the Shell group's corporate policy. This is a landmark judgment becau..

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Sustainable Housing as a driver for inclusive socio-economic development

  Human rights issues are becoming increasingly important in corporate governance, and any company aiming at attracting funding as well as business these days faces questions on their Economic, Social and Governance (ESG) performance, Sustainab..

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BST highlights SOKO Kenya as a sustainability best practice!

       THE EXAMPLE OF SOKO KENYA   Founded in 2009, SOKO Kenya provides the fashion industry with a manufacturing solution with social and environmental issues at the heart of its business, putting people, communit..

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Comments on the proposed Directive of the EU Parliament and of the Council as regards Corporate Sustainability Reporting

This article refers to the proposed DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL amending Directive 2013/34/EU, Directive 2004/109/EC, Directive 2006/43/EC and Regulation (EU) No 537/2014, as regards corporate sustainability reporting. Th..

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What is a good sustainability strategy and why on earth would you need it?

  Originally published on investESG.eu One example is that your are based, or operate, or work with, or invest in, an EU based entity. You may want start asking yourself the following – basic – questions: 1. Has your company adopt..

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ESG goes towards Human Rights and the Social becomes Concrete. Finally!

The COVID-19 pandemic and heightened concerns about climate change, racial injustice, and income inequality have injected fresh urgency into the need for more sustainable investing. The pandemic’s devastating effects have laid bare how he..

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ESG From a Norms-Based Perspective.

  The environment (E) has a polar bear on melting ice as a powerful metaphor. Everybody understands that image and understands the urgency needed to DO something to, at this point not only prevent but to actually reverse, the climate crisis and..

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Sustainable finance today: what it means and where it's headed.

  As part of the ONResearch Talks series, Kristina Touzenis, Founding Partner of BST impact talks to ONResearch Partnership Coordinator Ugo Ikpeazu on sustainable finance and the key priorities for the business community to consider.   O..

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Working towards the SDGs with true ESG.

  Originally published on investESG.eu It is no longer a shocking notion that non-state actors have a role to play in protecting human rights, nor that they can violate rights (even if legally speaking they would not, in most cases, be directl..

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The Gender Pay Gap and the Coronavirus “Shecession”.

  The coronavirus recession has been called a “shecession” – as opposed to the 2007-2009 Great Recession targeting male-dominated industries – in light of the disproportionate impact that the disruption caused by covid-1..

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