06 November 2023

5 Tips to Being A Genuine Ally


In this new article, ResourceHub features our Associate Expert on Gender Equality, Governance & Culture Leanne Mair’s tips on how to go beyond performative allyship and build trustworthy and genuine relations with minoritised and or marginalised groups, making sure appropriate and effective help is given. 


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Article first published on: www.linkedin.com/pulse/5-tips-ensure-your-allyship-mair


About Leanne Mair: Leanne is the Founder and Managing Director of Benefactum Consulting, the Founder of Black Women Parlay, a private network for future-forward Black women and the Co-Founder of The Sororum, a CIC dedicated to supporting first-generation female professionals moving into the workplace. 


To know more about her, visit her website and LinkedIn page: 





Download: 5 Tips to Being A Genuine Ally by Leanne Mair