Gender Equality, Governance & Culture

Leanne Mair is the Founder and Managing Director of Benefactum Consulting, a strategic management consultancy devoted to promoting gender equality and racial equity in the workplace. After over a decade of experience as an asset management professional with companies such as PIMCO and BlueBay Asset Management and oversight of projects with over USD 200 billion in AUM, Leanne launched her consultancy focused on designing and implementing strategies to improve the workplace. Leveraging her background and personal experience, Leanne founded Benefactum Consulting to help companies identify and navigate key challenges and create meaningful impact through changing their governance, thus improving their culture.

Leanne is a strategist with laser focus and clarity. She brings to the table broad international experience helping organisations create environments where female employees, especially Black female employees, feel valued and seen, allowing them and their companies to thrive. Leanne is also a passionate and talented communicator. From personal coaching and mentorship to initiatives including seminars, a podcast, and a live show designed to reach larger audiences, Leanne fosters conversation and understanding that lead to positive change.

It is Leanne’s profound belief that it is possible for all of us – individuals and organisations– to envision and achieve transformative strategies that contribute to a more inclusive, gender-equal world. A commitment to equity combined with thoughtful planning and powered by action are key to innovation and progress toward that goal.

Leanne is honoured to serve as a Board Advisor to XOCO Unlimited, a non-profit organisation that partners with grassroots organizations and world-class companies to empower marginalized young women, helping them escape exploitation through education and global initiatives that promote system-level change. 



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