Head of Private Clients, Social Value & Impact Philanthropy

Rising expectations on corporate responsibility has made sustainable development more a necessity than a choice for businesses and investors. Commitments are now being followed by adaptation of business models, strategies, policies, and compliance with regulators. The ‘Business of Resilience,’ your approach to social value and wider sustainability begins with a question: What environmental, social and governance issues are relevant to businesses and your stakeholders? As an advocate for responsible capitalism, guiding clients in this shift of paradigm in realising social value as a profit-generating opportunity, whilst being good for society as a whole. Jon supports family offices, philanthropists, and organisations in identifying, refining, and assessing their most “material” social and governance issues which helps shape social strategy, prioritise activities, and ensure your strategy, business plans and reporting are aligned. Enabling a well-established business case, integrating social value considerations across the value chain, which help organisations protect and create value. Strengthening brand, improving operational efficiency, driving equity and inclusion, which stimulates innovation

Championing a portfolio approach to Jon’s career has allowed for rapid learning and developing capabilities, maximising market potential in an ever changing environment. Adopting a human rights-based approach with a focus on data, health, education, environment, housing, infrastructure development, place based investment, and managed services across public, private, and civil society sectors. Jon can draw upon 15 years’ experience working globally with the public sector, leading international companies, and UHNW individuals/families. Empowering changemakers in the deployment of multi-million pound funds across the spectrum of capital including; various asset classes of, art and antiquities, ESG investing, social & impact investment, lending, venture philanthropy, and grant funding. Creating long-lasting, impactful, and sustainable portfolios and programmes.

In the process, successfully generating in excess of £150m in capital for social initiatives throughout the UK, Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC), the East Africa region, and wider Global South.

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